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What Next Generation Employees Want

Some of the biggest questions that employers seem to be asking are, "Why can't I find and why can't I keep skilled workers?" Times and values have changed. Baby Boomers are motivated by positions, perks and prestige, but most Millennial and Generation Z candidates are seeking new types of benefits. If employers want to entice the best and the brightest of the new workforce they need to be aware of their needs: time and development.

According to research conducted by HSBC, (a large banking and financial service organization) flexible working is one of the most attractive lifestyle benefits to employees. "The study found that 89% of employees - both men and women almost equally - consider flexible working to be the single biggest motivator for working more productively and efficiently. Financial incentives fell behind at 77%." Younger generations are striving to find a better work-life balance; working smarter, not harder. Flexible working times give employees the ownership of their own time and schedule which can help to avoid tedious tasks, such as sitting in peak commuter traffic. Giving employees schedule flexibility imparts a sense of trust and confidence from employer to employee.

With younger generations in their earliest stages of their career, they want to learn and grow as much as possible, which is why training and career development is so desirable. The drive to learn is what makes them crave continuous feedback. New generations seek management that place a high importance on coaching and a commitment to helping their staff grow. In order for an employee to be invested, they want to know that their employers are too.

Unfortunately, in the manufacturing industry there are less options available for working remotely and odd hours could increase costs but employers need to find a creative way to meet the needs of their employees.

What kind of incentives can you offer new employees to give them the freedom they are searching for? After all, happy employees are some of the best employees to have. Millennials and employees from Generation Z are willing to put in the work but they want a fair deal. They want an employer that will invest in their needs. The next time you are interviewing a candidate ask them what they value more; money or freedom.

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