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Robert Palo
(Founder of Fiberoptic Components)

Robert Palo, the owner of Boda Partners, has been working with Swiss Technologies of New England for over 10 years. Robert and his company rely on Swiss Technologies to engineer and produce the highest quality machined parts for their customers. Over the years, roadblocks, such as inventory issues have presented themselves but Swiss Technologies has been there with Boda Partners to work through it all.

In the spring of 2017, Boda was coming up on a customer deadline when they discovered a customer print with an outdated revision number. At this time, Swiss Technologies had pre-stocked their shelves with Boda's parts in anticipation of their order. The outdated revision made all of these parts useless. Boda was in a tough situation.

With no other choice, Boda cut the parts themselves but they had no way of measuring accuracy. The owner of Swiss Technologies, Shawn Gaskin, knew that Boda was in a tough situation and that he had the capabilities to help them. Shawn called Robert and offered to measure the parts, at no cost to Boda, so they could get them to their customer on time.

Although Swiss Technologies took a small loss while measuring these parts, they

wanted to show Boda that they valued their business relationship. Good business goes beyond just on-time delivery and quality. Swiss Technologies of New England, cares about their customers.

In an interview with Robert Palo, we asked him why he chooses to have his company work with Swiss Technologies of New England. 

This was his response: 

Why do you continue to work with Swiss Technologies?

"Swiss Technologies has exceptional customer service and is willing to work with any type of situation we present. Their quality is never in question, so I have never felt the need to look anywhere else. I know I am getting a great product every time. Over the last 10 or so years we have had zero quality issues."

How do you feel about Swiss Technologies' delivery and pricing?

"If the price isn't right nothing else works. We have never had an issue with pricing but we know that Shawn would work with us if we ever had concerns."

Would you recommend Swiss Technologies?

"Absolutely. We have been nothing but happy with Swiss Technologies and I know that anyone I would recommend would feel the same way because I have already done this."

What do you like most about working with Swiss Technologies?

"I love that Swiss Technologies will hold my inventory in stock without a purchase order or promise for an order. Their capabilities to have inventory ready immediately makes it easy for us to meet our deadline with any and every customer."

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