Swiss Technologies of New England

   Vendor/Supplier Quality Clauses


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  1. Original chemical & physical analysis certifications must accompany each shipment of parts from supplier-purchased materials and/or hardware.

  2. Copies of all material, processing, plating, and testing certifications must accompany each shipment of parts/material by the drawing and/or applicable specifications.

  3. When required, all special processes are to be performed by sources approved by the end-customer and to the latest revision level of the process specification unless otherwise indicated.



  1. Parts must be (at a minimum) inspected per ANSI Sampling Plan Z1.4 General Inspection Level 1 and accepted by the supplier.


Non conformance

  1. In the case of a Non conformance, all nonconforming items must be segregated and tagged noting the non conformance. No nonconforming product to be shipped without prior written authorization from a qualified Swiss Technologies representative. The Packing Slip included will identify the item in question and the quantity.

  2. Supplier must notify Swiss Technologies of NE of any nonconformity discovered after delivery of product within 14 days of discovery.


Right of Access

  1. Swiss Technologies of NE, their customer, and regulatory authorities have the right of access to applicable areas of the suppliers’ premises, at any point. Right of access refers to any level of the supply chain involved with the order and all applicable records to assure and verify performance.


  1. All parts/products must be protected from damage or corrosion during transit by packaging in a manner that promotes safety.


Property of Swiss Technologies of New England

  1. The supplier is responsible to ensure that material/products used for an order, whether consigned by Swiss Technologies of NE or furnished by the supplier, is to be segregated to ensure traceability and to prevent the event of intermingling with other material. Material consigned by Swiss Technologies of NE may not be substituted by any other material to complete order requirements unless written approval is received from Swiss Technologies of NE.



  1. At a minimum, the supplier shall maintain a calibration system in accordance with the latest revision level of ANSI/NCSL Z540 or equivalent.


Flow-Down Requirements

  1. The requirements of the most current end-customer’s quality system will be flowed-down and its record retention process will apply to this order. Any applicable requirements in regards to this purchase order must be flowed-down to your supplier’s as well.


Record Retention

  1. Suppliers’ shall retain records applicable to products sold to Swiss Technologies of NE for a minimum of 7 years unless otherwise communicated due to end-user record retention requirements.


Disposition / Rework

  1. The Supplier is not authorized to disposition any nonconforming product as “Use-As-Is” or “Repair” if it does not meet contract requirements specified on our order. The supplier is not authorized to perform any rework of nonconforming product without written approval of a rework plan.

  2. Any rework which needs to be performed after receipt will be debited from the supplier’s invoice.

  3. The Supplier must comply with all identified end-users’ requirements and flow-downs if any are referenced on our purchase order. If an end-user is not referenced on the purchase order, the supplier will comply with requirements given by Swiss Technologies of NE.



  1. Notify Swiss Technologies of NE prior to any changes in product and/or process definition, change of suppliers and manufacturing facility location. Please obtain written approval for any changes from Swiss Technologies of NE prior to accepting our purchase order.


Employee Awareness

  1. Supplier personnel should be aware of:

    1. Their contribution to product/service conformity

    2. Their contribution to product safety

    3. The importance of ethical behavior