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What are the Top 5 Candy Manufacturers in the World?

Happy Halloween from Swiss Technologies of New England!

Have you ever wondered what the top 5 candy manufacturers in the world are? As we secretly scurry through our kid's trick-or-treat baskets to pick out our favorite candy to indulge in before they notice the following day. We thought it would be fun to look at the top 5 candy manufacturers on one of the biggest candy holidays of the year!

Brands: Mars, M&M’s, Snickers, Twix, Skittles, Milky Way

Mars Wrigley is the world's number-one candy manufacturing company with sales reaching 20 million dollars. Its headquarters are located in McLean, Virginia. One interesting fact about Mars is that the Milky Way bar we all know and love in the United States is called the Mars Bar in the United Kingdom.

Brands: Kinder Joy, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, and Butterfinger

Ranking at number two, Ferrero sold 13.6 billion dollars of candy sales in 2021. Its headquarters is located in Alba, Italy. Did you know that Ferrero uses roughly 25% of the total hazelnut supply to make their chocolate candies and goods?

Brands: Oreo, Milka, Cadbury, and Sour Patch

Mondelez is owned by Kraft Food Group and sold 28.72 billion dollars in candy revenue in 2021. Headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois. Modelez currently has 45 brands that are over 100 years old. As a bonus, the Oreo brand can be found in over 100 countries, so you'll never be missing your mini chocolate sandwich!

Brands: Hello Panda, Yan Yan & Chocorooms

Number 4 on the list the Meiji Co. made 9.47 billion dollars in sales in 2021. A 1 million dollar decrease compared to 2020. Headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. A fun fact about the company is that it is the largest chocolate factory in Japan.

Brands: Hershey Chocolate, Reeses, Twizzlers, and Jolly Ranchers

Lastly, Hershey made 8.97 billion dollars in 2021. Headquarters are located in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. A fun fact about Hershey is at there is a Hershey's theme park along with a chocolate spa at the Hershey Hotel. Now doesn't that sound nice?

We hope you have a spooktacular Halloween👻!

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