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October is Manufacturing Month!

What used to be a single Friday in October 2012, now turned into a month-long appreciation highlighting the manufacturing industry and its economic impact, opportunities, and contributions to significant advancements within the field. All month-long manufacturers host events as well as write about their own accomplishments within their business. A quick Google search will open your eyes to the expanding industry and how businesses were able to overcome challenges during the pandemic in creative ways.

This month, the industry also sets out to inspire future generations of manufacturers.

Some major events going on this month include Masshire Metro South/West hosting events all over Massachusettes for students and job seekers. Visit their website here for a list throughout the month of October. We would also like to mention that Noah Graff, the host of Swarfcast Today’s Machining World hosts an amazing podcast that interviews machining company owners.

Massachusetts needs manufacturing. In 2020, it accounted for 9.15% of the total output in the state and a total output of $54 billion dollars in exported goods as of 2019. They have many different assistance programs for manufacturing companies through energy refunds, financial assistance, and other incentives. The state wants to work with business owners and keep our manufacturing industry strong. Also in 2021, there was an average of 236,000 manufacturing employees in Massachusetts with an average annual compensation of $104,440 in 2019. Does that peak your interest?

To partake in the events, Swiss Tech will post and share to our social media accounts insider information this month about what goes on in our shop. What we do may surprise you! We love sharing our team’s accomplishments with our followers. We are proud of the work we do, not just in October - but all year round!

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