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Breaking News: IMTS is right around the corner...

The largest industry trade show, IMTS (International Manufacturing Tech Show) is coming to Chicago, IL this week, September 12-17th at the McCormick Place.

IMTS started in 1927 in Cleveland, Ohio and has dominated the Western Hemisphere ever since. This is a place where creators, builders, manufacturers and innovative thinkers meet once a year to share their products and ideas to the like minded.

If you are in the manufacturing industry and haven't attended IMTS this is your time to sign up and attend this year or next years show. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to network, connect with individuals, generate new product ideas, find new solutions, and have the attendees met their goal of connecting with individuals. ( IMTS)

The show is made up of three buildings with several floors, each floor and

building having different exhibits, booths & conferences going on each day . Exhibits this year include but not limited to Absolute Machine Tools, CAMWorks HCL America, inc. , Edge Technologies, Horn USA and many more that are all listed on their website here.

Some notable conferences happening this year include Facing the Machinist Shortage: Adopting Technology to Fill the Experience Gap and Do More with Less, Women Make Manufacturing Move, and Overcoming the Challenges of New Designs, New Materials, and New Printers with X-ray CT to name a few.

If this peaked your interest about the endless possibilities of networking, and being apart of the future of manufacturing, future IMTS dates at McCormick Place are listed on there website as:

September 9-14 2024

September 14-19 2026

Are you attending? If so, comment down below to tell us what booths, companies, or conferences you are excited to see/watch. Maybe we'll see you there.


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