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2018 Energy Consumption and Manufacturing

At the start of this new year has your company decided to add energy consumption to its list of things to tackle?

In the manufacturing industry, there are ways that people are trying to come up with the best way to work quickly and efficiently.

This is an industry average for a machine shop’s energy consumption. The machine line itself has almost half of all consumption. And what’s more, 70% of the machine line is at a fixed consumption rate, regardless of the production schedule - due to coolants and hydraulic pumps. Many people are hesitant to adjust this model because of its direct impact on production.

One example of a new means of energy efficiency is the creation of an idle stop on machines. Some brands have already been able to crack the code on outfitting machines with new technology that allows them to be idle and waste less energy.

This model is of a general machine’s energy consumption compared to when it has been outfitted with an “Eco Stop”. As you can see, the wattage decreases significantly. However, the drawback of this method is that many companies cannot afford to outfit their machine line with this new technology. CNC milling machines are some of the oldest concepts of machinery there is in the industry.

Luckily, these machines have been evolving over time and have gotten more efficient by changing the proportions in which the machine utilizes its energy. Below is a chart which outlines three popular CNC machine types and their energy breakdown.

Even the way jobs are scheduled to run daily on machines affects the way electricity is utilized. An optimal job schedule will take into account multiple orders from the same customers, due dates, and run times to keep the company running smoothly.

Equipment maintenance also keeps energy consumption under control. This is because a clean and updated machine has an easier time running than one that is out of date and bogged down by grease.

Your state may also have energy saving programs that can help you with rebates or other incentives.

What can your business do this upcoming year to find ways to cut energy consumption? Do you already have a plan in place? Send us an email with your ideas or comments!

-Swiss Technologies of New England

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