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What Qualities Make the Best Suppliers?

Choosing the right supplier is more complex than some may think. There are many factors that go into the selection process such as reliability, expertise, and flexibility to name a few. Think of finding a supplier like the TV show “The Batchelor”. Some may have all the qualities and some may have one or two. But in the end, you should think of them as lifelong partners that build a trusting and lasting business relationship.

Many of our customers here at Swiss Technologies went through this process when finding suitable suppliers for their products. (We seem to be the popular pick) Below are some qualities we personally look for when outsourcing some of our products.


  • Communication is key in any business relationship. Especially when you are not in the same state, time zone, etc. Being on the same page about your products, specifications, and potential issues should be laid out in front of you. Vendor communication is a must to maintain your relationship.

  • At Swiss Technologies of New England, we always want clear and consistent communication no matter what. We believe communication is at the heart of any relationship and how we are able to trust our vendors as their suppliers.


  • Being a supplier of a medical company, it's essential to take into account mistakes in quality and to communicate that with your customer. This goes back to the first point, communication. Being accountable as a company is something not many can do. Being able to accept your mistake, fix it, and set a process moving forward so that it doesn't happen again is proactive and shows your customer that you take their business seriously.


  • Have you ever encountered a supplier who promised one thing but never followed through or communicated to you that your products or shipment would be late? Being able to rely on your supplier for upfront honesty whether there was a problem with the machine or production running late all factor in.

Compliant with Regulations

  • Having ISO certifications means that you have yearly if not monthly audits. Certain companies may visit your establishment to do their own customer audit. Other times you can hire an organization to perform an ISO Certifications audit, among other things. Being ISO-certified means that a company has implemented a QMS (Quality Management System) for all required processes and procedures.

  • Swiss Technologies of New England is both ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ISO 13485:2016 Certified by NQA.


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