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October is Manufacturing Month!

What started as a single day in October of 2012, has turned into an entire month of appreciation for one of America’s largest industries due to the significant response of it's initiation around the nation. If you Google “Manufacturing Month”, you will see in the results state after state declaring the month of October in the name of the industry. Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker wrote an official proclamation for the month of October in 2016 to be known as manufacturing month in our state.

There are various companies in the state who are holding open door events this month where the public can attend and learn all about modern machining. MassMEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership), is holding multiple events covering topics like marketing for modern manufacturers and keeping a "lean office" to improve efficiency. Industry Week is holding a seminar on the state of U.S. manufacturing in 2017.

This is a great time of the year to learn new things outside of the box about manufacturing you may not have known before, and how the industry positively affects your life. For instance, thousands of jobs coming up in the next few years will need to be filled by skilled laborers. Do you know anyone qualified? Or learn about interesting machines - some of which run 24 hours a day.

Bottom line, Massachusetts needs manufacturing. In 2016, it accounted for 28 billion dollars in exported goods. This is about 10% of the state’s economic output. They have many different assistance programs for manufacturing companies through energy refunds, financial assistance and other incentives. The state wants to work with business owners and keep our manufacturing industry strong.

To partake in the open doors events, Swiss Tech will post and share to our social media accounts insider information this month about what goes on in our shop. What we do may surprise you! We love sharing our team’s accomplishments with our followers. We are proud of the work we do, not just in October - but all year ‘round.

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