Precision Swiss CNC Machining

Since 2001, we have manufactured Swiss screw machine & screw machine products up to 1.25" in diameter, with the ability to hold tolerances of plus or minus .0001 inches. We offer multi-axis Swiss CNC machining for up to 35 tools in a single set-up. Whether you need production of single prototypes, or production runs of small, medium or large size, we can to accommodate your job.

Seamless Production of Complex Components

Swiss Technologies of New England's advanced capabilities allow us to produce complex components in one complete action, making secondary operations unnecessary. Whatever materials you need your products in, whether precious metals, plastics, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, brass or other alloys, our vast experience makes these jobs a breeze. Clients from the medical, electronic, consumer, defense, business machines, ATM components and other industrial markets all rely on us for their component parts needs.

Our Tradition of Innovation

Each job in a CNC Swiss screw machine shop creates its own unique challenges and unforeseen issues. What Swiss Technologies of New England does is relentlessly seek new, innovative solutions to ensure that you receive the product you want. We are constantly refining our processes, overcoming issues, learning from them, and developing new best practices to ensure that we are prepared when they arise again. Should your job present us with a problem we can't solve, we'll partner with you to arrive at a solution that best fits your needs.